Camille Simmons Ph.D.(c)

Camille Simmons

I founded 0% Factor, LLC, a premier "on-line" supermarket committed to provide quality products for individuals striving to maintain a healthy body. Because aging, urbanization and income leading to sedentary lifestyles have been the major explanation proposed for a dramatic rise in diabetes worldwide, I am passionate against the consumption of unhealthy foods high in sugar, fat and oil content. I am compelled to continue advocating the importance of the pungent compounds in herbs and spices that help enhance metabolism and deter against obesity, diabetes, and chronic inflammation. Many herbs and spices have good positive effects on blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, dyslipidaemia, weight gain and the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, it is becoming cheaper even for people who have not experienced a rise in income, creating a phenomenon of dietary dependency in which integration into global markets increases access to, and associated consumption of, foods high in sugar and related carbohydrates. It is all about having a healthy body and a wholesome life!

0% Factor, LLC