Mr. Charles Linden BA Hons

Charles Linden

“The world’s leading authority on anxiety disorder recovery” Hay House Publishing

CHARLES LINDEN is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of stress, anxiety disorder and depression recovery and self-development.

He’s the author of over 100 programs, books, CD & DVD titles, websites and TV series, has created home learning and residential programs and videos, and has appeared on and in, thousands of television and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and websites.

Charles is an adviser and 'anxiety recovery coach' to government bodies, media, TV studios, film studios, actors, sports-people, recording artists and more from around the world.Charles 'steps in' when fast recovery is necessary and people need to be back on the field, at the desk or on stage in the fastest time possible.

Charles is also developer of the world’s first and only, dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy, LAR, which can be learned at a professional level by those wishing to use it in practice. LAR produce 100% efficacy results with average outcomes of total recovery.

Charles' books, programs and residential programmes have featured in thousands of international titles and his reputation grows constantly in this ever increasingly frenetic and stress-inducing world.

Charles has a team of qualified practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists and other wellbeing practitioners who work beside him to maintain the high level of success created.

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