Ms. Christine Dufond MFT

Marriage & Family Therapist
Christine Dufond

Credentials: License

Institution: BBS

Certification: MFT License #53645

Certification Year: 2013

Institution: Chapman University

Graduated: 2009

In practice since: 2008

What a gift it is to be here now doing the work that I am doing for my fellow beloved human beings! I am constantly working on myself and evolving just from the research (it's experiential as well!) I am always doing. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Santa Rosa, California. I offer a unique blend of Holistic-Jungian-Mindfulness-Somatic based psychotherapy. I specialize in working with couples, individuals, and adolescents. I am currently working on a book about conscious romantic love and soulmate relationships. Here is what I do best:

-Guided Visualization Therapy
-Conscious Love / Spiritual Partnership Practice for Couples (GLBT friendly)
-Inner Child Healing
-Healing from Abandonment Trauma or Neglect
-Energy Psychology Tools for Post Traumatic Stress
-Jungian/Thomas Moore inspired Soul Work
-Chakra Awareness & Healing
-Authentic Movement Therapy
-Intention Work
-Cutting Edge Law of Attraction Methods
-Mindfulness Therapy
-Awakening/ Ascension Therapy
-Transpersonal Psychotherapy
-Integral recovery from addictions of all kinds
-Soul retrieval/Parts work

Christine Dufond, MFT