Rev. Christine Wines HHP

Holistic Health Practitioner
Christine Wines

Credentials: Certification

Institution: Academy of Professional Careers

Certification: Holistic Health Practitioner

Certification Year: 2002

Institution: Florida International University

Graduated: 1992

In practice since: 2001

I have my own Holistic Health business, which I established in 2001. In 2006 I became an ordained minister with the Beloved Community to add another level of expertise and compassion to my practice. I have been interviewed on YouTube videos, and have been a keynote speaker for several conferences, for insights and information into the field of Holistic Health and Spirituality. I look forward to sharing with other members, and reaching a wider audience about my passions for a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Healing Spirit Holistic Health Center

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629 Third Avenue
Suite B
Chula Vista, California

Areas of Specialty

Chronic Pain



Treatment Methods



Dance/Movement Therapies


Energy Work

Flower Essences

Gem Therapy

Herbal Therapy

Law of Attraction

Massage Therapy

Meditation and Guided Visualization



Shamanic Healing

Spiritual Healing

Tai Chi