Mrs. Cindy Goulding MS, LPC, NCC, CPT, CHWC

Cindy  Goulding

I am currently a health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and licensed mental health counselor. I have been in the behavioral health field for 30 years and work in a variety of settings. I also incorporate guided imagery, meditation and energy work in my practice. I coach people in topics including stress, career, weight management, depression, grief, tobacco cessation, relationships, and lifestyle skills. My book "Healthy Weight: It's a Family Affair" takes a family approach to healthy weight in an overall healthy lifestyle including overcoming emotional eating, stress and other barriers. I collaborated with my husband on a meditation CD titled "Protecting your inner peace" which includes five brief lessons on protecting your inner peace during challenging situations as well as for 10 minute meditations. I create and facilitate workshops, webinars and other training events on health and wellness topics.

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