Mr. Dave Crane

Dave Crane

Winner of Prestigious Al Arouwad/ MTV Award For Best Motivational Speaker in Middle East and North Africa Region 2017/18.

Over the past 30 years, as a BBC trained journalist and a lawyer, I was always looking for that one answer! ‘How can I help individuals to improve their lives, make long lasting positive changes to theirs and their loved ones?’

The Life Design system was developed at the sharp end of the entertainment industry (radio station manager, hosting & producing premium events, online TV production, author and journalist) tempered with my own wellness journey (NLP Master practitioner, hypnotherapist & life coach).
Effectively, it’s a martial art of engagement and empowerment.

Join me for a fun, interactive and motivating sessions which mesmerize the listener, create the need to learn and provide tools for lasting positive change.

After each session, you’ll have the tools, tricks and techniques to easily charm any audience anywhere, share your message and leave them wanting more. You’ll become a hypnotic public speaker with the skillset to drive sales, motivate your staff and take your personal brand to the next level.

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