Mr. David Hellman PN1, Duke IHCPT

David Hellman

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: Duke University

Certification: BS

Certification Year: 1982

Institution: Duke University

Graduated: 2015

In practice since: 2014

My name is David “Davey H” Hellman. Because David was a common boy’s name for my generation, many people called me Davey H to distinguish me from all the other Davids who were hanging around.

My experience in the high tech business spans five decades (I got my start in high school). My most sought after skill in the business world is my ability to bring order into chaos. It’s a skill I’ve applied to the healthcare technology products I’ve invented and to the organizations I’ve led. It’s a great skill to have in a business like mine because the rules are always changing and disorder is easy to come by.

I have another, less sought after skill. It’s the ability to recall random and seemingly useless facts that others rarely care or think about. For much of my life this meant uttering throwaway lines from popular movies or, for example, knowing that Libreville is the capital of Gabon. But, twenty years ago I decided to focus that “gift” on improving my personal well being by studying the science of health and happiness. And here is what I learned.

Much like success in business, the key to greater health and happiness is bringing order to the chaos. Chaos created by the whirlwind of conflicting information from the medical establishment, alternative health personalities, the media and companies that want to sell you products. But unlike the business world, the rules for greater health and happiness never change. We may discover new information, but the laws of science remain constant. The trick for any one individual is discovering how to apply these rules so they conform to his or her values, lifestyle and schedule.

That’s what Karma Sense Wellness is all about. Let’s work together to make you happier and healthier on your own terms.

Karma Sense Wellness