Ms. Dawn Marie Westmoreland MM/HRM

Workplace anti-bullying Speaker, Coach, Author, and HR consultant
Dawn Westmoreland

Dawn Marie Westmoreland is an anti-bullying speaker, author, “Personal Power” coach, & HR consultant.

How often do you hear about someone standing up to workplace bullying and they win? Dawn was a former Veteran Affairs (VA) “Whistleblower” and stood up to her former VA managers as she alleged illegal personnel practices and retaliation to two government “watchdogs”. She endured two years of bullying, landed in the Mental Health ward, and claimed her “power” from this experience. She held her workplace bullies accountable and later “settled” with the VA, without a gag order to keep her quiet and from helping others who need her assistance.

The Concerned Veterans for America Organization (CVA) was impressed with her courage and tenacity. They sent her to Washington, D.C. to educate Senators on the need to protect conscientious “Whistleblowers” in April 2015. Dawn has also been lauded by the Christian Science Monitor for the work she is doing to empower others. In an interview with Lisa Suhay, Dawn was commended for turning a bad situation into something good for others, after she alerted the federal government to actions of her managers at the VA where she worked, alleging favoritism for hiring and training that advanced only select individuals.

Sharing inspiration and educating people on how to stand up to workplace bullying is one of Dawn’s favorite joys in life. She has been featured on over 50 radio shows and seven magazines as she shares tips on claiming your personal power and workplace bullying solutions. Not only do her clients appreciate her– lawyers who are defending discriminated and bullied clients, reach out to her for advice.

Dawn considers every experience a “lesson” or “gift” in her life. When she is writing or speaking, she often discusses overcoming sexual abuse as a child, having a relationship with an alcoholic, and different accounts of experiencing bullying as a child and an adult. She often refers to her past dis-empowerments as “gifts in ugly wrapping paper”. Her past experiences have helped her how to overcome, to forgive to move on in her life, and to teach others how to stand up to workplace bullying. Dawn does not want others to become dependent on her for help but wants to teach others how to become their own Subject Matter Expert (SME) so they can stand up for themselves and become more educated on their “rights”.