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Dean Hawkins

I speak and present on Living with Purpose and Achieving Goals, using Fire Department analogies with a passion for transforming businesses and individuals Professionally & Personally; through colourful analogies and personal engagement, I connect. I have been presenting for over 25 years in and out of uniform – well before becoming a Key Note Speaker I was presenting to Fire Crews and Fire Officers nationally, to enable them to become the best they can be, to get them to WANT to be their best.

After many years in the Fire department and going to incidents and accidents on shift, then in the training centre, I have since been developing and empowering thousands of people in business, I am the expert on speaking in the fire and rescue industry; also in the `Fire` metaphors space, for business, team work, personal development and Leadership. Join me on a passionate, colourful and witty ride as I adapt your business into a Fire Key Note.

I have a wonderfully exciting passion for keynote presenting and public speaking. The spoken word can led to powerful revolutions, words and ideas combined with passion can change the world. It holds its own power, and I use it to inspire, energise and entertain people. From small groups to large audiences. My area of expertise is how to prosper enact and kick start your life purpose and how to turn pro on your goals in life. You will be rejuvenated, empower and recharged.

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Fight Fire with Fire

how to use Fir Department techniques to achieve purpose and reach your goals

re you achieving what you set out to? Do you have a good reason to get out of bed every day? Are you meeting your own expectations? If not now, when? If not you, who? Fight Fire with Fire is for those who want to make real changes in their life, not just talk about it. It's for those with self-doubt, who are scared to put themselves out there. This book provides the spark and the mechanisms to help you go from self-doubt to self-confidence, from procrastination to action, using the tried-and-proven