Dr. Dena Churchill BSc. DC

Dena Churchill

Dr. Dena Churchill is a International Speaker, Author and Innovator of Women’s Health and Wellness. She is remembered for her ability to deeply connect with audiences through clarity, wisdom and humor. With a humble confidence, she draws on a wealth of real-life experiences to help you “Envision & Achieve Your Best” in a way that is both entertaining and informative. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, wellness consultant and mother of two children, she helps women align to their feminine power. Her purpose is to help working mothers keep themselves and their families healthy, their work inspired and their feminine powerful. She is the author of the book entitled, Divinity in Divorce. Dena is a contributing author in the following books; "Pearls of Wisdom- Pure and Powerful", "The Gift of the Hit", and the amazon best-seller, "The Thought That Changed Your Life Forever". Dena loves yoga and Latin dancing and is an aspiring wellness astrologer.
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