Mrs. Diana Ketterman Educator, Author, Speaker

Diana Ketterman

Credentials: Certification

Institution: Virginia Department of Education

Certification: Teacher Certification

Certification Year: 2009

Institution: Shenandoah University

Graduated: 1999

In practice since: 1999

For nearly her entire childhood, Diana Ketterman grew up in a home with a mother who suffered from undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. When Diana was 13 years old, her father was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor affecting his mental capacity. It took his life at the age of 40 when Diana was just 17 years old. Diana, the oldest of three children increasingly took on many adult responsibilities as her parent's illnesses became predominant.
Through resiliency, Diana overcame her early obstacles to build an impressive career, one that combines her interests in teaching and technology while allowing her to stay connected to her community. Diana has 23 years in the field of education, 6 years working for the federal government and a lifetime of experience in building resiliency in coping with mental illness.
Diana holds a BS in Business Administration and Accounting and a MS in Computers in Education. Diana has earned many achievements in education including being named the SBEA Teacher of the Year. She was instrumental in working with Virginia state politicians and educators to establish state standards and college frameworks for students to receive technical industry certifications. Her teaching methods have been published in the National Business Education Yearbook, and her lesson plans have been published in a high school textbook by Cengage Learning.
Diana has been a speaker on the local, state and national level, writing and advocating the implementation of business and technology curriculum. She served as the adviser for a division of Future Business Leaders of America. Under her leadership students were awarded national recognition during multiple years.
Diana graduated from the first cohort of the Future FEMA Leaders, a prestigious program which allowed her to travel and learn about the interworking of the agency. With this opportunity she developed her professional network which included mentoring by senior executive leadership.
Diana is currently putting her years of technical and public-speaking experience to good use as she promotes a media campaign in parallel with the publication of her first book, A Child of Royalty. Her experiences entailed a United Way presentation with CNN writer and senior producer Wayne Drash. Diana co-authored the Virginia regional United Way community mental health report. Diana has been actively involved with the national community dialogue through Creating Community Solutions (CCS) and the Text, Talk, Act campaign Diana will be a participating author at the 2016 Tucson Festival of Books.

Areas of Specialty


Coping Skills



Trauma and PTSD


Treatment Methods


Books Diana has Published

A Chid of Royalty

An Inspired Message of Hope in Mastering Mental Health

Diana Ketterman grew up in an idyllic rural town, surrounded by family and playmates but isolated by her home life, which was shaped by profound illness and instability. Her mother struggled for years with undiagnosed mental illness, becoming increasingly erratic and hyper-religious as her untreated symptoms increased in severity. Diana's father struggled to cope with his wife's strange behavior--often resorting to violence--even as he succumbed to his own personality-altering brain tumor. Caught

Making Sense of Me

A Children's Workbook: Building Resilience to Depression and Anxiety

It is with passion that the author has produced this first children’s workbook, Making Sense of Me. Diana Ketterman believes that everyone experiences depression and anxiety at some point in life. She says, “It is increasingly apparent that we as a society must do something to enable children to have a voice, to teach them to identify their emotions, and to help them build resiliency in being overcomers to depression and anxiety.” This 13 lesson workbook serves as a curriculum for teachers