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Medical Intuitive healer
Diana Scanlan

Credentials: Certification

Institution: 21st Century Lifeforce healing. Fast Track Life Coaching

Certification: Energy healing. Life Coaching

Certification Year: 2013

Institution: Fast Track Life Coaching

Graduated: 2013

In practice since: 2013

As a Medical Intuitive Healer I have the gift of being able to "see"and source the cause of your illness or disease whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual in origin, to remove it and restore you to vibrant health.
This is a totally relaxing "hands off" experience. During your session you may feel pleasant sensations of warmth, tingling or even beautiful colours surrounding you, as have some of my clients, or you may experience nothing. Whatever happens is perfect for you at this time.
I will also suggest ways for you to speed your healing between sessions.
This healing is equally powerful by Skype or phone.
Book your session today and begin your journey to good health and freedom from pain.
Life Coaching - Wellness
Many of my clients ask "What is wellness?"
Promoting wellness focuses on preventing illness and disease, as opposed to treating the symptoms and manifestations. Learn the many techniques and methods to achieve a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit which will not be conducive or a friendly environment for illness to develop, and which will promote a life of vigour, vitality, energy and fitness for the extent of your lifespan.
I have a deep understanding of human suffering which carries through to my Wellness Consultations, and am caring, empathetic and non-judgemental with my insights and recommendations.


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