Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville PhD

Dorothy Martin-Neville

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, international keynote speaker, author, mentor/coach, and frequent radio and television guest, has been featured on OWN Network as well as in numerous magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, and the Huffington Post. Dr. Dorothy is President of the National Speakers Association - CT.

Dr. Dorothy, a licensed psychotherapist, was in practice for over 25 year. As a motivational speaker who lived in an orphanage, was adopted and raised in the housing projects of South Boston in a violent alcoholic home, Dr. Dorothy later became a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess and so much more, such as living in the Caribbean on Anguilla, BWI for 10 years after dropping her youngest off at college. Dr. Dorothy has learned professionally and personally what she speaks about in her frequently requested talk 5 Steps To Claiming Your Dreams.

Ultimately, because of her own inspiring life journey and that of so many others, she came to see that those who passionately and positively live this journey - rather than merely survive it - knowing Anything Is Possible - are the folks who achieve real success and/or health.

After mentoring and advising so many women leaders in following their dreams, Dr. Dorothy saw a consistent disconnect in amazingly powerful leaders who had difficulty claiming the depth and breadth of their power and leadership skills whether they are on Park Avenue or leading a small entrepreneurial business that has great potential. Consequently, she now specializes in mentoring leaders who are ready for the next step in their leadership development allowing them to recognize there is no limit other than the one they set themselves.

As a result, taking risks and coming alive has become Dr. Dorothy’s message across the board. She calls all to whom she speaks, with humor, and profound spiritual insight, to live their life fully becoming who they are meant to be, passionately and vibrantly to support their Spiritual Growth, Emotional Intelligence, and Physical Health.

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Books Dorothy has Published

Dreams are Only the Beginning

Becoming Who You are Meant to Be

The backdrop of Dreams are Only the Beginning is the revealing story of one woman's courageous journey of self-discovery and how she was able to follow her dreams to achieve more than she ever imagined. The message however is that the power of dreams and the need to listen to them, as messages from our Soul, is revolutionary, Discover how you can have your dreams and the key to becoming the person you are meant to be. Learn to follow your dreams, one at a time, while taking the risks that are necessary

Your Soul Sings ~ Your Body Dances

Listening to Their Conversation

Our primary conversation, the most life-transforming, is the one that exists inside. It is the one that sings to you from the spiritual depths of who you are, calling you to find your own rhythm, your own style, and your own grace. It is the conversation that calls to you as you go through the storms, the rainbows, and the sunshine of the journey. Your Soul Sings ~ Your Body Dances will teach you how to listen to this primary, life-transforming conversation. Discover how you can sort out the messages,