Dr. Doug Gertner PhD

Doug Gertner

Who is Doug Gertner?

Doug Gertner, Ph.D., is an educator, trainer, consultant, blogger, broadcaster, and activist whose professional career includes service to higher education, non-profit, small business, corporate, independent, organizational, men’s issues, and fatherhood consulting. Doug earned his doctorate from University of Northern Colorado, his masters degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, and his bachelors degree from Kenyon College. He has taught at ten colleges and universities in Colorado and Wyoming, lectured, published, and consulted widely in the area of education, management, and gender studies.

Since the year 2000, Doug has worked independently to deliver training, teambuilding, and facilitation for a lengthy list of premiere clients. He travels the region as founder and principal of Doug Gertner Workplace Seminars and Solutions, with a values-driven intent, helping adults learn and grow, and an approach that is interactive, high energy, and immediately useful.

Doug’s alter-ego, The Grateful Dad, brings a laid-back, rock-n-roll wisdom to the topic of dads and dudes, including his top tips, quick quips, skills, ideas, exercises, and activities to bring gratitude and father-friendliness to every situation. He is the author of The Grateful Dad’s Guide to the First Year of Fatherhood, The Grateful Dad’s Journal of Gratitude, and a contributor to the anthology Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives, all available on AMAZON. You can get a self-study course DVDs of Doug’s two most popular training topics, “Time Management: Creating Balance in Today’s Workplace,” and “Coaching and Motivating Individual Performance” directly from Doug or at his website http://www.DougGertner.com

Doug has completed professional development in mediation and conflict resolution, advanced interpersonal communication, diversity and intercultural communication, personal/professional coaching, and experiential learning. An avid telemark skier, mountain biker, and fan of live music and Denver sports teams, Doug and his partner Maggie Miller are parents of a teenage son, Jordan, who started college this fall.

Books Doug has Published

The Grateful Dad’s Guide to the First Year of Fatherhood

How to Parent Your Newborn with Passion, Joy, and Gratitude

The Grateful Dad's Guide to the First Year of Fatherhood: How to Parent Your Newborn with Passion, Joy & Gratitude ~ Get the go-to guide with hands-on month-by-month advice, tools, and strategies for every grateful dad. Follow the Daddy Steps Model from Delivery to Delight, and record monthly progress on the Gratitude Journal pages. Easy reading for fathers, mothers, family members, and caregivers, this invaluable resource offers answers to parent's most pressing questions with an emphasis on baby