Dr. Chris Stout PsyD

Licensed Psychologist
Dr. Chris Stout

Licensed: Yes

License: Illinois #071 003567

Expiration: 10/2017

Credentials: License


In practice since: 1985

I seem to run a lot of stuff—non-profits, for-profits, ultras… In addition, I also consult to individuals, start-ups, and behemoths (read: Oracle, State of Illinois, etcetera, etcetera). I have a history of being a Chief/E/O/I/Officer with as many as 500 staff reporting to me. Now I serve on the boards of several companies with their CEOs reporting to me, which I prefer a whole lot more. More expensively, I'm an angel investor. I also run an international consultancy, by remarkable coincidence, called StoutVentures Advisory.

I founded the Center for Global Initiatives, a top rated 501(c)3 nonprofit, as well as a kindergarten for orphaned children in Tanzania. Little gives me more joy than that. It's now my goal to open source humanitarian intervention, so stay tuned...

I serve on the faculty the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois (and have also taught at Northwestern's Medical School and Rush University). Ha! I have been part of the team to set five Guinness World Records (but I hate to brag). I also like to climb tall stuff, run long distances, dive deep in salt water, and generally hang with my family. I’ve been everywhere (man), I’ve lectured across the nation and internationally in over 25 countries, visited 6 continents and over 90 countries—I've done Davos, TEDs, SXSW, WDS, Renaissance Weekends (not Fairs), TV, Oprah, CNBC, you get the picture, with Nobel Laureates, international leaders—bla, bla, bla…, seriously, Google it. (Nothing, however, nothing has been more intimidating than speaking in front of my children's classes. Nothing.)

I have received numerous honorary doctorates which has been a real time-saver and picked up some awards here and there--which, all kidding aside, mean a great deal to me. On the philanthropy side of things, I have endowed a scholarship at Purdue in Engineering and Technology. I'm a LinkedIn Influencer with quite the following. (Some of my posts are a doozie.) Oh, enough already, you say but you may want to check out (or even better, buy) any of my 37 books. My works have been published in 9 languages, one of which I can read fluently.

The APA called me "...an International Rockstar..." (seriously, click here), a study by Hartwick College said I was “one of the most frequently cited psychologists in the scientific literature,” The World Economic Forum named me one of 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow, and in spite of nice reviews in Men’s Journal and Windy City Sports-I wish they had been talking about my abs.

And yes, I’m the guy that that did the thing that was so underrated.

JSYK, I’m intent on making a profound difference in the world before I am forcibly removed from it.

Maybe that will be what I do for you…