Dr. Dr. Karrina Wallace ND

Dr. Karrina Wallace

Dr. Karrina Wallace, ND practices holistic family medicine in Denver, CO. As the owner of Ponderosa Natural Medicine she provides compassionate, comprehensive, and effective natural health care in order to improve patient's lives both physically and emotionally. Dr. Wallace graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine as well as gained her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutritions, Foods and Exercise from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

As a patient at Ponderosa Natural Medicine you will gain new insight into your health care. Dr. Wallace takes the time to to provide a holistic diagnoses and treatment. Treatment recommendations include an individualized plan focused on correcting imbalances, improving mental and physical health, and preventing future diseases. Your treatment plan may consist of constitutional hydrotherapy/detoxifying treatments, nutritional counseling, individualized herbal medicine prescriptions, homeopathy and physical medicine.

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