Mrs. Ela Gold HCHt, Dip-Ayu, Dip-Acu, ND

Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy
Ela Gold

Credentials: Certification

Institution: School of Hydrotherapy

In practice since: 2001

Ela has been working in the field of alternative health since more than 20 years. She was one of the first practitioners in Australia to specialize in internal cleansing and detoxification, at a time when most people thought that ‘detox’ was for people with drug and alcohol problems.
Due to major health issues from birth, Ela developed a keen interest in all areas of alternative health, having researched and studied a wide variety of modalities all over the world. Starting in Germany with nutrition, herbs and naturopathy, her travels later brought her to India to study ayurveda and meditation, Korea to study acupuncture, Brazil to learn about shamanic practices and China to experience Feng-Shui.
Once she settled in Australia in 1992 she continued her education and also added Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy (HCHt) and essential oils as an important part of healing to her clinic. Ela has been teaching HCHt and training practitioners in the use of Essential Oils individual to their clinic/patient environment.
Ela knows that body, mind and spirit work together and total health has to incorporate all aspects of this trinity. Her motto is: ‘The only healer that can heal you is YOU’
Her mission is to help people to stay healthy, by cleansing and detoxifying the body, mind and soul naturally. To encourage people to take responsibility for their own life and empower them to create their own reality, thereby allowing the awakening of inner peace and harmony.
She founded and authored Shanti Village and its related websites, a conglomerate of online resources for health and wellbeing established in 1998 and contributed to a variety of health books.

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