Mrs. Elaine Mellon Lahm MS/CAS

Elaine  Mellon Lahm

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: SUNY Albany

Certification: MS/CAS

Certification Year: 1983

Institution: SUNY Albany

Graduated: 1983

In practice since: 1984

I have been a Fitness Professional for over 30 years, married with 3 grown children. My undergrad degree is in Sociology and my MS/CAS is in Counseling. My first priority is to help my family and my clients be as healthy as possible.Personally, I know too many people on so many meds and then on additional meds because of their side effects. I believe in the mind/body/soul connection and the healing power of "clean" food and supplements.

Areas of Specialty

Chronic Pain


Sleep or Insomnia

Weight Loss


Treatment Methods

Cardio Fitness

Physical Training

Wealth Building