Elder Jeffre Saint James D.PSc, MBA

Elder Jeffre Saint James

Elder Jeffre Saint James, D.PSc, MBA, is an ordained minister in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A Service Disabled American Veteran, who served during the (Cold War) Germany 1980-1982. He hold a Master Degree from Concordia College and University, majoring in Management. A License Medical Practitioner with The Pastor Medical Association as a Diplomat of Pastoral Science and Medicine. These services are to provide holistic health and wellness programs. In addition, create sustainable communities across America. He has gotten various certifications i.e. "Small Entrepreneurship Certification, Hudson Initiative", "Small Entrepreneurship Certification, Veterans Initiative", "Small & Emerging Business Development Certification", " LOUISIANA STATE SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN Certification" and many more. He is the author of the real estate guide “How to Buy a Home or Investment Property - with not so good credit”. He also published the real life story of Kim G. Nguyen-Martin, Author, "Rising From the Fall. He has been a featured Guest on the all About Mortgage Program® Atlantic City New Jersey and a lecturer on the Get Your House in Order® seminar and Educational Series. Elder Jeffre's desire is to do the work of our Heavenly Father which is in heaven and now dwells in earthen vessels. He believes that the Pharaoh of today is the Spirit of Poverty, and it is this spirit that is causing havoc in our nations communities and world. Elder Jeffre believes that the wars of today should not be booming and killing innocent people. Instead we should focus on eradicating poverty and instead of feeding our nation’s poor, teaching them how to become self-sufficient. Elder Jeffre wants to create Economic Development Opportunities in Disenfranchised America (Enterprise, Hub, Empowerment and Port Zones) so that no US manufactures needs to go overseas again. He believes we should make homelessness a national priority and provide adequate housing for the less fortunate, especially the poor, veterans, elderly, women and children. He believes we should find our Nation’s missing fathers and work with them in becoming more accountable to and for their children, acknowledging that a repented nation can only move forward when it has asked for forgiveness, for the sins of the forefathers. America may have been one of the greatest nations on earth, and if we want to remain in good standing with our creator, then let’s return to being great stewards for our nation and the world. Let us as a people never forget that it is our job to be our brothers' keepers, (NOT BIG BROTHER). Together as a nation of Americans working on one accord, we can rebuild a country whose’ light that should never again become dim. To see my story watch a quick video that was filmed in New Jersey in 2014 with a veterans annual Christmas Dinner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlnHk4eE5RQ

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