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Eleanor Miller

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Eleanor found that even though she did not feel she fit into any one specific group, she always had a knack for speaking to and understanding people from all walks of life. Feeling the call to help people, Eleanor began volunteering in the hospital setting at the age of thirteen. At sixteen she began riding on the ambulance as a volunteer and then made it her life work as a paramedic for NYC 911 for 30 years.
While helping others both at home and work, she realized how strong and confident she was while helping those around her but, she became, so guilt ridden and weak when it came to doing for herself. After spiraling into an abyss, she decided enough was enough and began a quest for answers.
Over the course of years, Eleanor became a Reiki Master, Interfaith Minister and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist to find her answers. She is currently obtaining her NLP certification and belongs to the National Association of Professional Women where last year she was inducted into the VIP Woman of the Year Circle.
After years of trial and error as well as her many U-turns, Eleanor found that many who claim to have the answers had only one way of helping people, their way. Not fitting into their way of being caused angst, frustration and a depressed feeling of why bother. Finally getting it and finding her answers, Eleanor, a person of plain talk and truth, believes that everyone has the right to become the authority of their own life, in a way that is comfortable for them. She has made it her life’s work to help others find their strength and wants to share this message everywhere for everyone to know!
Eleanor lives in New York and has traded in the sirens and traffic of NYC for the coyotes, snakes and other animals that go bump in the night life of rural Sharon Springs. Keeping her and her three dogs constantly on their toes.

Areas of Specialty


Academic Underachievement


Alcohol Abuse

Anger Management


Behavioral Issues

Chronic Pain


Coping Skills


Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders




Internet Addiction

Learning Disabilities

Life Coaching


Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Self Esteem



Traumatic Brain Injury

Video Game Addiction

Weight Loss

Treatment Methods

Chakra Healing


Energy Work


Meditation and Guided Visualization

Natural Products


Spiritual Healing


Books Eleanor has Published

If I Am So Strong, Why Do I Feel So Weak?

No more U turns! Been there, done that, never going back! Are you tired of barely functioning and not living your life as you want? You are so strong and confident in your help for everyone else and yet when it comes to you, you become paralyzed and sometimes so afraid to the point of procrastination, always leaving yourself for last. Others look to you for your strength and guidance but who do you turn to? Eleanor Miller is you in that she has lived this life. After years of searching she has found