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Eli Handler

Eli Handler is a retired U.S. Army veteran. He served as a Healthcare Specialist, and has been affiliated with the United States Army Medical Regiment for over two decades. Most notably he has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, having distinguishing himself by outstanding meritorious service to the United States of America.

After completing 500 hours of in classroom didactic and clinical coursework in Hypnotherapy, Eli was certified as a Level 3 Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist.
He enjoys the prestige of inclusion as Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH), whose rigorous standard for professional and continuing education exceeds those of all other certifying boards. For Level 3 IBH Fellow, applicants are rigorously screened, requiring not just proof of training (Minimum 400 in classroom hours), but also a written examination and evaluation of their practical skills by board review, and review of therapeutic script development.

Eli has also studied with Elvis Lester the “First-Ever” designee to be awarded both the Licensed Master Trainer of NLP in Hypnosis and Licensed NLP Change Master™ (Society of NLP) by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP. Eli completed 75 hours of in classroom coursework earning the Performance Hypnosis Practitioner (PHP) designation, developed with Ericksonian, NLP & Design Solution Hypnosis.™

In addition to his training in Hypnosis, Eli is a Certified Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming in Hypnosis, and is a member of the Society of NLP.

Eli has further broadened his study in the Solution Oriented Approach. Studying with Dr. Robert McNeilly, one of a small number of people who learned directly with the late Dr Milton H. Erickson.

An insightful communicator and leader, Eli’s wisdom, compassion and “no BS” approach, will assists you in making the powerful personal change you desire.

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