Epiphany Shaw LC, MaNLP, CHT, CYT, CMT, PSY

Epiphany Shaw

Epiphany Shaw works with individuals on all aspects of their lives and with couples who want to heal their relationship with themselves and with their partner.

For over 18 years she has helped thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

After a decade of loss, including the death of her beloved grandmother and a traumatic 80 mile-per-hour car accident, she began her adventures in healing and change work in 1997.

Plagued by chronic pain and depression, 40 pounds overweight, and unable to walk a single block, she began searching for relief.

With limited answers from conventional medical doctors, she explored a wide range of alternative healing modalities, including yoga, NeuroLinguistic Programming, hypnosis, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, therapeutic massage, acupressure, meditation, family systems, clairvoyant meditation and yoga.

Just a year after the accident, Epiphany began offering coaching sessions and teaching her own yoga classes and workshops, incorporating all that she was learning from her own healing process.

Today, having provided well over 10,000 hours of privates, classes, workshops, and applying all that she learned to her own marriage, Epiphany has developed a powerful and integrated approach, an approach that blends the workings of the human mind, her knowledge in business, her training in energy and trauma release work, her intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology, with her embodied sacred outlook, all of which contribute to a full body-mind-spirit experience for her clients and students.

Through the founding of Vara Healing Arts in Albany, CA and Epiphanies Wellness Centers in Fremont, CA, she’s trained numerous other coaches, therapists, yoga instructors, and massage therapists around the Bay Area.

Epiphany feels blessed to have studied with numerous leading thought leaders, spiritual teachers, and healers, some world-renowned, others more localized in their influences. For all their knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and mentorship, she offers her gratitude to them and to all others who have provided her with guidance and inspiration.

Epiphany Coaching

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825 Washington St
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Oakland, California

Areas of Specialty

Anger Management


Behavioral Issues

Career Counseling



Coping Skills


Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders

Family Conflict


Life Coaching


Peer Relationships

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem


Sexual Abuse


Sleep or Insomnia


Success Coaching

Trauma and PTSD

Weight Loss


Treatment Methods


Career Counseling



Divorce Counseling

Energy Work

Family Therapy



Intuition Development

Life Coaching

Marriage counseling

Massage Therapy

Meditation and Guided Visualization

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Relationship Counseling

Separation Counseling

Spiritual Healing

Success Coaching

Time Management