Evie Emio Dip Parapsychology.

Reiki Master Teaching. Magnified Healing Master Teacher, R.E.S.E.T. Bowen Theapist, Kinesiology, Spiritual Iridology, Meditation
Evie Emio

I'm Evie,

Its easier to describe what I am not. I will never make up anything. If I am given a message during a healing session from Source. I must pass it on without ego or dazzle. I am but a humble servant of Divine Father and Mother. In my role as a therapist, instructor I have blind faith that Source is in total charge and I am but the spokes person.

I was born with a gift of insight, which really didn't feel like a gift at the time. No one in family could understand what was happening to this little baby that screamed all the time. As I grew I would see some pretty frightening things which stopped me from even wanting to sleep. It wasn't till I met a Holy Man, a Monk when I was 27years old and didn't think I was going to be on the planet much longer due to illness. I realised when I was asked to bless a house and I now see spirit in the pure form and help them pass that I was born seeing the opposite polarity. Otherwise I would not have appreciated the gift I was born to share.

I learnt a precious gift that was not only healing and life changing for myself, but a gift of empowerment that I can now share with the world. I have enjoyed this adventure of my Soul's evolution, never looked back. And when I have been called to go do some soul rescue, take someone thru severe illness, take them the next step to the other side of the veil. I know I am working to the best of my ability as a Medium, a clear channel.

Travelling the world to work in 5 countries on lay lines, unblocking stagnation in the earth chakras. Why, because Source asked me to? No question. What a blessed experience my life journey has been, and I am only half way thru my life.

If you can touch one heart on this learning planet we call Earth. Then my work is complete and fulfilled. There are no coincidences, If you are reading this you were meant to connect to these words, to my words thru my individual guidance.

No therapist is any better than any other. We are all fashioned to co create our own design, our own story that one day may not only guide us home to the other side of the veil, but assist some other lost soul. I truly believe thru my Therapy and Instruction I have touched hearts. My life is already perfect.

And So It Is!