Dr. Fabrizio Pieroni

Fabrizio Pieroni

My name is Fabrizio Pieroni, I was born in Genoa in 1955 and I live in Bologna for over 15 years.
I deal with Training, Coaching and Counseling.
I am passionate about personal and professional growth: I like to encourage and support it, or just to assist you.
The activities through which I engage in promoting the Personal and Professional Growth of People are as follows:
- As a PNL Trainer (certified by IANLP) I have been operating since 2003 in the PNL Institutional Courses organized by PNL Meta - IIPNL (Institute founded and directed by Gianni Fortunato).
- I've been in Business Training for about 15 years. I collaborate with Marketing Module (Padova) and other Consulting and Training Companies; Or work directly with the end customer without brokering.
- I also work on Coaching (helping people improve their professional outcomes) and Counseling (helping people overcome difficulties and disadvantages and achieve goals).
- I'm President of PNL Apps, a group of PNL enthusiasts who meet to discuss and deepen some issues. Participation in the APPS PNL days is completely free. PNL APPS is an open group that promotes participation by everyone, including through our Blog