Mrs. Gabrielle Cardona MBTI Practitioner

Gabrielle  Cardona

I am passionate about watching people succeed. People have always fascinated and entertained me. Through the years I have studied psychology; understanding how people think about life. I have studied sociology; how people interact with people in their life. I have studied theology; how people define things that happen in their life. And I have learned about individual personalities, dispositions, and preferences based on the profile of a person's specific type. I am MBTI certified.

When you understand yourself and the people around you, you know what to say and do in order to be more successful. But just as importantly, you know what NOT to say and do, to avoid problems and conflicts that often exist in daily life. They never need to happen in the first place. In business, understanding people is the difference between success and failure. In personal relationships, it's the difference between pleasure and frustration. Knowing exactly what to do for the people that you are with is a priceless life skill that everyone deserves to learn and everyone has the opportunity to master.

As a Life Coach, I specialize in personality profiling and communication coaching. Building healthy personal relationships in life is the foundation for fulfillment. Building healthy professional relationships is the basis for success.

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