Dr. George L. Redmon, Ph.D. N.D. Ph.D. N.D.

George L.  Redmon, Ph.D. N.D.

I am an Independent author and writer who has been associated with the Natural Health Industry for over 25yrs having served as the National Product Education Director for one of the largest supplement retailers of natural products. I have authored 8 books on natural health, the last 2 being E-books recently published in 2016, entitled Defeat Cancer Naturally: The Exercise Sleep Paradox: Recalibrating Healings Biochemistry: A Survivors Guide and Natures’ Anti-Diabetic Medicines. I have also been extensively published in a variety of Fitness and Health related publications such as American Fitness, Alternative Medicine Magazine, Healthy Aging, Fitness Rx For Men and Women, Better Nutrition and Muscle and Body.