Georgia March Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

Life Coach
Georgia March

Credentials: Certification

Institution: Life Mastery Institute

Certification: Dream Builder Coach

Certification Year: 2015

Institution: University of Prince Edward Island

Graduated: 1979

In practice since: 2010

Georgia March is an author with three published books including, STRESS!!! You’ve Got to be Kidding – 9 Steps to Happiness to her credit, Her art is currently showing at the Norman Felix gallery in Toronto. As a speaker she has inspired many people. Georgia is a musician and composer. She has been certified with Mary Morrissey of the Life Mastery Institute and runs a successful Dream Building coaching program. She is a co facilitator at Ruby Tuesday, a community outreach music program and a co creator of the Unity Gallery of London. She is also a volunteer for St Joseph’s Hospice. Georgia believes that if you, “Do ONLY what you LOVE,” you will succeed.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Georgia March is a keynote who lives what she speaks. She entertains and inspires with her amazing and compelling storytelling ability that has audience members leaning in to hear ‘the rest of the story’.

When she talks about risk taking and recalls hitchhiking across the Sahara desert, constructing property in Turkey or giving a concert in Casa Blanca her authenticity shows through. This is her life story, a sixteen year adventure that led to remarkable experiences and success.

Georgia’s vibrancy is contagious and integrative. She emphasizes the fact that we are in the world together and has audience members participating with rapt enthusiasm. Her message is simple and clear, once you learn the tools for success you have only to apply them to realize a dream. Comments from audience members such as, “Georgia's recanting of her colourful history, coupled with her sincere optimism, leave those lucky enough to hear her wise words not only in a Zen-like state – but moreover, ready to take action in their own lives!” “I just wanted you to know how "blown away" I was by your talk” “Everyone was engaged with you. Everything you said was true for each and every one of us, especially with me. It means I am successful and I am amazing.”

Using fun, proven techniques from her book STRESS!!! You’ve Got to be Kidding! 9 Steps to Happiness, Georgia creates a new thought operating system for up levelling potential, possibilities and passion.

Georgia March is a Dream Builder. She knows the secret to living your dreams; her passion is to share it.

COACH: Georgia is the founder of a multi-facetted, successful coaching practice in London, On. Testimonials speak for themselves. The transformative results of her clients can be attributed to Georgia’s ability to assess individual needs and direct clients to the coaching system that will garner their best results. Her specialty is in helping people create a new language and thought system. This enables them to release old debilitating patterns effortlessly, to stop internal struggles and truly understand their life purpose. How does she do this? By listening, seeing beyond circumstances and tapping into the subconscious mind at a soul level. Georgia’s experience of living in other countries for 16 years gave her a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and was the instigator to write her three current books. Her personal exploration into mind, body, spirit processes, writing, art as well as music have produced invaluable tools for creating happiness, finding love and being fulfilled.
She believes in sharing laughter, keeping a sense of curiosity, encouraging and engaging with others. People who meet her attest to the fact that she is authentic and always smiling. Georgia believes it is a privilege to be here, celebrates every day and helps others to discover the joy in living well.

Georgia March DreamBuilder

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