Ms. Gerry Ellen Avery

Gerry Ellen Avery

My author/writer name is Gerry Ellen. I am a storyteller, wellness advocate, content writer for health & wellness & lifestyle spirituality topics, author of two published books, adventurer, avid nature and animal lover, and all around genuine heart of helping others. With my dog, Scout (my muse), by my side, we are able to travel and explore, go to where we're needed in an effort to spread our light and our joy, and to care for those who are in search of a confidence boost through play and purpose. I began a solo entrepreneur business called 8 Paws Wellness, which combines our love of people, animals, adventure, and giving back when and where we can. How we navigate through life as woman and pup pal can be found at

Eight Paws Wellness
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3358 Boundary Street
San Diego, California