Mrs. Gina Fontana Certified Health Coach

Gina Fontana

Hi! My name is Gina Fontana, IIN certified health & wellness coach. I began my health journey four years ago when I found out I have Celiac Disease. After growing up with health issues all my life, I finally had an answer as to what was causing my symptoms. I began my journey confused and overwhelmed, but through my own research, hard work, and dedication I began to heal my body holistically and feel better now at 31 than I did in my twenties! I made it my mission to help others, who like me, suffer from ailments that are caused by the foods we consume. I specialize in the gluten free diet; however, am not limited to that. I coach individuals and couples who recognize they need to make a change in their lifestyle to obtain the best quality of life they can. I created the UpRoot project to help identify and bring awareness of areas in their lives they need to UpRoot and plant new roots to create a healthier and happier version of themselves. I provide my clients with the tools and resources to get well by themselves, while providing them support, encouragement, and accountability. I published my first cookbook in 2013 and plan to keep evolving my business and share my story. Please check out my website for more information! smile Thank you!

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