Mr. Harry Gordon

Harry Gordon

Harry Gordon is a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life. As a health coach I have made it my passion to become healthy and to help others do the same. Through my own personal journey is where I have gained invaluable amounts of knowledge on the subject of healthy weight loss and lifestyle changes. My personal journey in weight loss started at an all time high of 319 pounds. As I write the profile I am currently at 260 pounds, and my journey continues. I found Take Shape for Life as a client back in the Winter of 2015. My results were immediate and very impressive. I quickly saw the value in this program and realized that I needed to share it with as many people as I possibly could. My clients are also experiencing similar results and the feeling is incredible when you can impact the lives of total strangers! This is what life is really about, helping others accomplish their goals and live a long, healthy life!