Ms. Heather McCutcheon Reiki Master & Activist, Author

Heather McCutcheon

Heather McCutcheon left corporate America in 1998 to study massage therapy in search of a greater sense of purpose. She shunned metaphysics until the universe challenged her to open her mind with an unmistakable invitation. These days, in addition to serving clients through her Chicago-based practice, Heather is busy teaching Reiki at institutions of higher learning and recruiting volunteers for humanitarian projects. To date these include ongoing programs offering Reiki inside VA hospitals, medical schools, homeless shelters and to at-risk youth in conjunction with the YMCA. Heather loves challenging established social institutions by combining ancient healing techniques and modern communications technologies. You can read all about Heather's foibles and healing adventures in her book—Connecting the Dots: from ad exec to energy practitioner. To follow her Reiki outreach successes, visit