Ms. Helen Ollerenshaw

Helen Ollerenshaw

I work with Professionals, Coaches, Business Owners & Individuals to redefine their lives by activating HeartConnection, resulting in accelerated personal & business outcomes and achieving real Abundance, Joy & Purpose.

Previous clients have:
Started New Businesses
Created Resilient Teams
Improved Presentation Skills
Successfully Changed Careers
Redefined life to create balance
Released the fear and grief blocking Success
Successfully navigated day to day chaos
Unlock the secrets to hearts’ truth
Remembered purpose and intent
Experienced abundance and joy
Unwrapped an extraordinary heart connected life

After years working with teens, families and communities in crisis, remote indigenous communities, professionals in public and private sectors, entrepreneurs and coaches I have come to recognise that no matter the background, level of wealth or success there are common barriers to real happiness abundance and purpose, these barriers prevent HeartConnection and include past emotional pain and grief, resulting in unhappy, overworked, overwhelmed, stressed people disconnected from their core self and life.

I founded LifEthereal Coaching and left the mainstream work-a-day world to live my unique purpose. Now, an internationally recognised Author, Facilitator and HeartConnection Coach I work with Individuals and groups to teach how to thrive in a fearful and chaotic world to create a strong connection with your Heart’s purpose and live a passionate life

Author HeartConnection (release 2017) Contributor Sybil Magazine (2017); guest speaker PWN International conference 2017 (USA)

Previous works include co-author; Your Personal GPS; 'Overcoming the Good Little Girl Syndrome'​ (PWP)

I am available for Speaking, Facilitating and Face to Face Training Nationally and Internationally Keynote Topics: Living your HeartConnection; Personal and Professional success; Self Sabotage; Balanced Living; Surviving Grief and Loss; and Redefining your life in a chaotic world,.

Previous Trainer Facilitator Clients have included:

CITSolutions, Indigenous Apprentice Program Dept of Human Services, Depts of Immigration; APVMA, Health & Prime Minister and Cabinet; Max Employment; Campbellpage; PVS

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