Ilona Yukov

Ilona  Yukov

I founded Holistic Wellness NY, which is a business that incorporates a mind, body and spirit approach to wellness to help achieve personal life and health goals. I empower, guide and provide support for a range of issues including weight loss, digestive issues, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, stress management, pain management and emotional health. What is unique about my business is that I provide a complete, holistic approach to wellness using a variety of techniques based on my background as an occupational therapist, transformational life coach, hypnotist, energy healer and a nutritional consultant. Every session is unique depending on what is needed to address your concerns and various techniques are combined in one session to optimize results.

I have been working in the healthcare field for about 20 years. I became interested in the field of wellness and nutrition while working with adults at a hospital as an occupational therapist. During that time, I contracted a virus that left me feeling very weak with widespread pain. I had sinus problems and started developing food sensitivities. After seeing a number of doctors, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and later diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome. At that time, I found very little relief with western medicine and guidance. I started researching the benefits of nutrition and healthy living, and received training in holistic nutrition and wellness at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Once I started applying what I had learned and eating more healthy, focusing on whole foods based nutrition, my health started to improve and I had more energy, experienced less pain in my body and was sick less often. However, I noticed the biggest improvement in my health when I added mind-body techniques and specialized movement exercises into my life. I became certified in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and received training in Integrative Hypnosis in NYC. I also explored energy healing and became certified in Reiki. This led me to create a successful four-part program which is unique since it addresses both physical and emotional well-being. The four parts involve specialized movement exercises to accelerate and strengthen the body’s natural healing response, nutrition counseling, mind-body work and optional supplements. Holistic Wellness NY is located in New York but most of my sessions are conducted remotely, over the phone, via Skype or Face Time so distance is not an issue. I look forward to working with you!