Ms. Inez Bracy BS, MS, CLC, NLP, CGC

Inez Bracy

Inez Bracy Bio
Inez Bracy's path became clear at an early age when she met a Down's Syndrome boy in her third grade class. She became his coach, protector and friend. Once she started helping him, other classmates joined in. They encouraged and supported him to stay in school and they all graduated together.

Inez is a world traveler, who teaches practical and spiritual techniques focused on dreams and goals. She is passionately committed to guiding newly solo (divorced, single, or widowed) women over 50 to achieve confidence, choice, courage and freedom so they can have the life of their dreams, traveling, shopping, and dining.

If you're looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address your feelings of being unappreciated, overwhelmed, and not enough, you've come to the right place. With more than ten years of experiencing working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, Inez' mission and commitment is to help you, newly solo (divorced, single, widowed) woman over 50 create your life of choice, courage and freedom, having the lifestyle you yearn for.

Because she experiences life fully, Inez invites her clients, colleagues, friends, and family to join her. She inspires them to live fully, joyfully, embracing choice, courage and freedom on their own terms. Inez is the best selling author of "Smile America", "Contagious Optimism Series”, and "Thank Godi Series". She is a radio and TV Personality, International Keynote Speaker, and Audacious Living Coach.

Clients say remarkable things about the impact Inez' work has on their life and business success.
“The first time I met Inez was at a networking event and she exhume a white aura full of tranquility and joy – just what I was seeking. We began talking and I found out that she was an experienced life coach. Hmmm, just what I needed. I am a strong believer that everyone is placed in your path for a reason and when you need them the most. I therefore believe that I met Inez just at the right time of my life.

Inez became my coach and we worked together getting through some things, stuff, junk that I did not realize I had but that loomed over me. She was able to pull this out of me and provided me with the tools that allowed me to get over it. With her help I recognized how unconscious I had been for a very long time. I truly believe that because of her wonderful tranquil yet joyful inner and outer state she has great capabilities as a Life Coach. She is able to guide and allow you to walk the path you are meant to walk. I since made some very serious life changing choices, I’m stronger then I’ll every be and entering this stage in my life with total consciousness and with a positive aura. Enjoying life is Inez’s philosophy - Thank you for helping me grow and enjoy my life Inez.” Tammy Iuso, Independent Insurance Specialist, Small Business, Health & Voluntary Benefits Specialist
“Inez has not only helped me understand my emotional and psychological issues but provided me with tools to overcome specific problems. The tools she gave me were tangible and feasible to use (but you need commitment for them to be effective). I could see the effects on my personal wellbeing (physical and emotional health) shortly after applying the knowledge and the tools she gave me.
I've been able to find back meaning at my work and joys in my life after a couple of months going through lots of changes and negative experiences and feelings in my life. I feel I have regained balance in my life. The coaching sessions with Inez have helped me to tap on my potentials and utilize my own capabilities and resources to live the life I want. I now feel happy and secure at work. My personal life is also more joyful. I resumed to be a person that has desires and endeavors to realize my dreams.
I highly recommend people with career or personal issues or those who want to lead a life of joy, happiness and success to have Inez as their life coach. She's down-to-earth and seasoned in life coaching. It's important to have somebody to share your personal problems. Yet, more importantly, you need a coach that can provide you with solutions you can follow thus being able to move on and lead a better life.” ~Phuong Tran, Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Project Manager

Similar benefits await you when you decide to invite Inez to serve you in the most powerful ways that she can support your success. What lights her up about this work is knowing that what she does makes a difference in your life, seeing you take your vague dream to blissful reality, when all odds are stacked against you. The dream of that killer lifestyle, the dream of traveling the world solo, the dream that you haven't told anyone about for fear of judgment...that dream is the one Inez help's you realize.

She helps you fall and stay in love with yoursSELF so that you live a life of pure BLISS and infinite passion. Inez uses an impressive toolbox of concrete hands-on tips with a generous sprinkling of metaphysics and a splash of spirituality. You see, she has been where you are and knows the struggle you're going through to make a choice to experience life differently. This choice can be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but, it doesn't have to because with Inez as your guide you will move
with ease and grace creating your lifestyle of choice, courage and freedom.

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