Ms. Isabella samovsky

Isabella  samovsky

I am a natural health & wellness lifestyle business with locations in Skokie, IL and worldwide. I specialize in hand crafting and importing fair trade wellness products for the mind, body and spirit using Himalayan salt as our core ingredient. We also offer unique services at our Skokie, IL location including our Salt relaxation room, Near Infrared Salt sauna for detoxing, acupuncture, massage +. In the last 12 years, we have a created a very unique brand " So Well" offering 300+ Organic, vegan, fair trade lifestyle products. We work with artisans passionate about their trade hand crafting our lifestyle products.
I have been on my own vegan, wellness journey for over 20 years offering what I learn to our customers through product sales, and services at our location. We are an eco friendly lifestyle company, conscious on all levels and using our products , information and dollars to create a better healthier world.

So Well
4819 Main St
Skokie, Illinois