Ms. Jaclyn Kalkhurst

Jaclyn Kalkhurst

Jaclyn has over twenty years of experience with the intuitive arts and comes from a long line of healers and seers. She was born to two very open minded parents that exposed her to Chinese Medicine, Chi-Gong, and Barbara Brennan School of Healing books. Creating balls of energy between her hands and looking for people’s auras were just things she did every day. She started training in Reiki since she was 13 years old and is still continuing her training in other fields of energy healing. Today she has a Masters Certification in Holy Fire Reiki (ICRT), Karuna Reiki (ICRT) and Usui Reiki (Samadhi for Peace). She has an Advanced Healing certification in Sekhem-Krem (will be getting Masters Certification Dec 2016). And finally she is finishing her courses to be an ICF Life Coach.

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Spiritual Healing

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