Mr. James Hyman

James Hyman

James Hyman is the founder of Quantum-Theta Deep Emotional Release Bodywork. He has taught and practiced natural wellness and personal transformation through deep emotional release for over 25 years. He practices currently in the Los Angeles area; and also offers phone and skype sessions for those out of the area. James works frees up repressed emotional and creative energy; he works with the subconscious mind and the energy centers of the body, the quantum field and the theta field of the client; to help them go to the core of their emotional issues, identify and release what is blocking them; and connect with their shamanic vision of their life; and what they came here to do at their highest creative expression.

James' work is shamanic in nature; he connects with a person at an energetic level; and helps them to raise their frequency of energy to access a higher frequency of vibration; the quantum field in a theta state. In that frequency of energy; vision and instantaneous manifestation and creation are possible. It's is the seed of creativity. The vehicle is opening the repressed emotional energy; which is the gateway to the spiritual dimensions, and the higher vibrations of forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love.

James is available for in person powerful transformational healing sessions, or equally effective Quantum-Theta Emotional Release phone or skype sessions internationally and nationally. He also teaches the work in Practitioner Trainings in Weekend Workshops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and at weeklong events at various resorts. He leads shamanic journeys and experiences.

For more information, visit or call James Hyman (805) 302-8448

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