Mr. James Simons

James Simons

I am your point of contact to create your own brand of nutritional supplements for your practice, store or office. I can offer you custom manufacturing for your nutrition supplement ideas. I can help you by offering suggestions on the cost and effectiveness of your formula. I can advise you on the FDA regulations required for your product label and Supplement Facts box.
I can also offer you the option to private label our in stock products. This is a cost effective way to offer nutritional supplements at a fraction of the price of custom manufacturing. Call or email me for details.

Enzyme Process is a FDA registered and inspected manufacturing company. We passed our most recent FDA inspection the end of November 2016. We are certified cGMP by the UL/NPA. We were re-certified cGMP this past July. A copy of our cGMP certificate is available upon request. If you are not aware the NPA no longer certifies a company for cGMP. The NPA is now part of Underwriters Laboratory. Our new cGMP certificate shows the UL logo not the NPA logo. This is important. If a manufacturer is using the NPA logo they are no longer certified cGMP. We also have dedicated manufacturing areas that are Kosher and Halal certified. All of our products have Certificate of Analysis from our in house analytical laboratory. The COA’s are available upon request.

We take the manufacturing of our client’s products and our own products very seriously. All of our raw materials are from suppliers verified as cGMP. Our raw material suppliers provide us with Certificate of Analysis for identity and potency for every nutrient or herb we buy. Our suppliers also provide us with the COA for microbiological contamination showing us the raw material is free from mold, yeast, E.coli, Salmonella and Staph Aureus. Our state of the art analytical laboratory, managed by a PhD/M.D. chemist, verifies all raw materials against industry standards using our UPLC equipment. We do this to verify the raw material is what the supplier claims it to be. The lab also performs microbiological testing again to verify that the raw material is free of mold, yeast, E.coli, Salmonella and Staph Aureus. We perform finished product microbiological testing to insure no microbiological contamination occurred during the manufacturing process. Enzyme Process guarantees all of our products will meet or exceed label claims.

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