Dr. Jason Malllia IMD ND BHsc Reg Acup, PhD D.Sc

Jason  Malllia

Sydney based Integrative healthcare /Medicine Practitioner Dr Jason Mallia is the founder, director and principle physician of Integrated Health Australia.
He is an accomplished speaker to fellow practitioners , corporates and general public on many topics including , blood type , the dorn method and lifestyle medicine .He is the Author of two books Concepts of Integrative Medicine and The Wounded Healer .

He is an accredited Naturopathic Physician , Registered Acupuncturist and accredited Doctor of Integrative Medicine Practitioner (USA) having received accreditation in Australia, the US and other countries .Dr Jason is one of Australia’s most qualified Integrative Natural Medicine Practitioners with over 17 yrs experience as healthcare professional and a background in all major natural medicine modalities .

He has appeared on radio both locally and abroad and is a published writer for the Journal of Natural Medicine ( South Africa). He more recently recieved his Doctorate of Philosophy for his book on “Concepts of Integrative Medicine”

In his early years a fitness consultant and personal trainer Jason discovered that optimum nutrition was key and foundation to attain health and well being. He has a strong background in clinical and sports naturopathy/ nutrition, having worked with many top-level athletes in this time (having consulted to the Tigers Rugby League Football Club for nutrition) and other NRL clubs .He has also worked with various top level triathletes, boxers and elite soccer players (AC Milan) and AFL players
Over the past decade Jason’s practice has evolved simultaneously with his own personal development. In this time with experience he discovered the true value of “Integrative and individualized medicine” and its importance in restoring health and balance, he understands and respects each individual modality in the healthcare system and understands when they are required.