Mr. Jay V Jackson RN, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher

Jay V Jackson

Jay V. Jackson grew up in the remote Blue Mountains of East Central Oregon. As a child he loved to play with stones and would study them. Later, his parents started a gem faceting business, cutting precious gemstones. By his late teens, Jay became a Master Facetor. He found that if he would study a gemstone carefully and “listen” to the stone he would come up with a design that ended up becoming an incredible work of art.

In the late 1990’s Jay started to study Reiki. In 2004 Jay became a Reiki Master/Teacher. The call of healing modalities kept calling him and in August of 2004 Jay completed the massage program at the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Jay is both a Usui/Holy FIre Reiki Master / Teacher and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher.

Later he worked at UCMT as an Internship Teaching Assistant. In addition to his private practice Jay also taught massage therapy at Mountain West College (2005 – 2006) and at Eagle Gate College (2007).

Jay has continues to study Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, and Sacred Geometry. He loves facilitating class on these subjects whenever he can.

In addition to working as a massage therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Crystal Healing Teacher, Jay also works as a registered nurse at the Intermountain Park City Medical Center in Park City, Utah and resides in beautiful Samak, Utah..

Jay loves to be a facilitator of healing and enjoys seeing enlightenment spark through others as he also gains forever new insights.

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Energy Work

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Quotes of Jay V. Jackson

The following pictures are a few of the quotes of Jay V. Jackson »

The following pictures are a few of the quotes of Jay V. Jackson..

Mr. Jay V Jackson · March 28th, 2016

Mr. Jay V Jackson · March 28th, 2016