Ms. Jeannie Smith BCTMP, CCH, MMP, CPLC

Board Certified Massage Therapist
Jeannie Smith

Credentials: Certification

Institution: NCTMB

Certification: Board Certified

Certification Year: 2003

Institution: Virginia School of Technology

Graduated: 2002

In practice since: 2003

I have been practicing the art and science of massage therapy for almost 15 years, specializing in connective tissue treatment and clearing trauma from the mind and the body. I am also a certified clinical hypnotist and Life Coach which enhances the hands on mind/body work that I do. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications which includes experience in writing, radio and TV broadcasting and public speaking. I am a published author and communicator and these skills transfer into the way that I communicate with people in developing a plan of action to discover what their health goals are and to attain those goals. I lecture on the mind/body connection and teach people techniques to empower and enlighten themselves to live happier and healthier lives.

Some of the reasons that I am a preferred provider when it comes to hands on body work include the fact that I am highly educated in my profession and continue to learn on a daily basis more information about the body and the mind and how they are connected. I have been trained by students of John Barnes, the founder of Myofascial release have had training in Craniosacral therapy. I have also studied resistance stretching with the founders of Ki-Hara, which is the modality that helped Dara Torres the Olympic swimmer win gold medals at age 42. I am one of only two therapists in the state of Virginia that is certified in Body Memory Recall and was personally trained by the founder of this mind/body technique. Most recently I became certified at the Master Level in Medical Massage. I have taken classes and workshops on self-help techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique which helps to clear emotional trauma from past events and returns such clients as Veterans that were hospitalized with PTSD and other disabilities that were unable to hold down a job or live in the community return to full function as productive members of society. I have also attended and conducted emotional clearing workshops to teach people techniques to clear the mind and body of trauma using simple techniques that are easily taught and useable immediately.


As your therapist, I take the time that you need to educate you on ways that you can heal yourself. We are all self-healers, we just have not been taught to do so. We have been trained to rely on allopathic medicine to cut, drug and radiate us without a second thought as to other “alternative” less invasive therapies that actually work by treating the root cause of the symptom of the problem rather than masking it with drugs, etc. Mark Twain once said that it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. My point here is that some people do not have any idea that they have any control over their healing. However, in my experience I am seeing that the tide is turning and I am happy to be a leader and a pioneer when it comes to helping people take better care of themselves. When a person comes in for their first appointment, we cover the five facets of health-water intake, sleep, stress level, diet and exercise. We also cover a person’s history to see what stories in the body may have a traumatic origin. I explain connective tissue, what it is, how it is compromised and how it can be restored to greater balance and function. We also set a goal for treatment so that I as therapist and you as client can take an active role in your healing. I teach people different methods of self care from adjustments to work station, diet, stress management or self myofascial release techniques that they can do themselves between visits. I have a very holistic, whole person approach. There is no where else in this area that I know of that offers this same level of care, compassion and experience. As I have said before, I am not one to “HIDE” the secret on getting better so that you become dependant on me. I would prefer to help you get better and see you become happier and healthier so that you will tell your friends and family about me and that way everyone is a winner.

I am easily accessible to the Southside and Peninsula areas of Hampton Roads. I have an office in Newport News and a treatment room in Portsmouth. I can also travel to your location if you prefer for an additional fee. My schedule is quite flexible, although I do have preferred working hours, I will try to accommodate your schedules in the best way that I can. I am the sole provider for my company, so you won’t get surprised by a less experienced or less caring therapist once you arrive for your appointment. I have a passion for my work and a compassion and gratitude for every client that crosses my path which is rare at other studios, spas, or offices. I am grateful for each and every person that places their trust in me.

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Articles Jeannie has Published
Finding Inner Peace Through Expression
Finding Inner Peace Through Expression

Imagine what it would be like to process anger, grief and other painful memories from your mind and body and begin to live a more conscious life. We can do this through appropriately venting painful emotions. »

Imagine what it would be like to process anger, grief and other painful memories from your mind and body and begin to live a more conscious life. We can do this through appropriately venting painful emotions. Discouragement of emotional expression is deeply embedded in our society, i.e. women should not be aggressive and men should not cry. We bottle up or block emotions and they remain in the subconscious..

Ms. Jeannie Smith · April 16th, 2016

Ms. Jeannie Smith · April 16th, 2016