Ms. Jennifer Mckenzie SSW

Jennifer  Mckenzie

With a background in healthcare and social service work, my focus has always been centered around the helping profession in the field of counselling, healing and empowerment. I am an experienced Psychic Medium and have been "tapped in" & having psychic/mediumship experiences all my life that I did not begin to fully embrace and hone until my late 20's Now, almost 20 years into my journey of professional development I absolutely love serving others in this way!
I currently serve as a full time Psychic/Medium, Certified Healing Practitioner, Metaphysical Teacher & Meditation Facilitator throughout North America with a private home office in NIagara, Ontario. My goal is to be a facilitator of awakening, empowerment, self awareness & accessing the unlimited potential that is our true being in a fun enlightened & powerful orientation.
I consider myself to be a bit of a science geek and am an active student of Dr Joe Dispenza's teachings for the last 4 years continuing to learn about neuroscience, quantum energy,consciousness and our connection to the cosmos & how we as co-creators can experience more joyful living through knowing our own sovereignty.

The Path to Inner Peace