Ms. Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb is a Published Author, Professional Artist on Handmade At Amazon, and a A Master Spirit Healer. She attributes her gifts to God and the near-death experience she had while drowning. She died twice in one night and lived to tell about it!
The author loves reading and writing and she is creating a Legacy Art Movement to share her talents! Her goal is help leave the world a better place upon her leaving it! After having been sent back to Mother Earth after almost going to Heaven, she feels that she returned to life to share messages shared with her about spiritual immortality and how faith, hope, and charity are the foundations for a fulfilling life! She believes in the indomitable spirit of humanity and finds inspiration from nature!

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Books Jennifer has Published

The Tea Journal

For Tea Lovers & Connoisseurs!

The Tea Journal reflects the timeless tradition of enjoying a fine cup of tea! Sometimes when partaking of a memorable cup of tea, one wishes they could remember the name of it and other experiential details. With The Fine Tea Journal, you can keep track of and write down the attributes of teas and whether or not you found them appealing. You can also rate the fine details of a cup of tea like its aroma, color, mouth taste, strength, and whether or not it had caffeine in it. Plus, you can record

Commercial Real Estate

10 Q&A & 10 Steps To Success

Printed Soft-cover Book: This Commercial Real Estate Guide Book answers 10 of the most asked questions that consumers, investors, job seekers, and property investors alike will all ask when considering buying and/or selling any kind of real estate. In this case, we are going to explore Commercial Real Estate choices. They include the opportunities surrounding the options of becoming a licensed broker, agent, or financial consultant. In this instructional manual, you will learn some of the basics

The Writing Journal

30 Days Visualizations

The Writer's Journal is a printed book that takes you through a 30 Day Visualization writing excercises. This daily practice will help you visualize finally writing and finishing your book! Now you can record what you see and feel when immersing yourself in the feelings of the forthcoming reality of your book being written and finished! These visualization writing prompts will help you use your mind to achieve your goals! Consider this Writer's Journal a scrapbook for your mind, so you can release

The Philosophy of Youthing

Conceptual Mind Engineering

Instead of getting older you now grow younger by changing your perspecting to one of 'Youthing'! This sacred knowledge and new mindset can possibly create a more youthful and enthusiastic perspective on life! Why? Because you will find out that whatever ‘birth’ date you are you can still be young! Plus, with a new mindset, you can still go and find yourself! You really did earn the right to choose what you want to do with your life and you are free! You still have the chance to get life right

Articles Jennifer has Published
The Philosophy of Youthing: Conceptual Mind Engineering
The Philosophy of Youthing: Conceptual Mind Engineering

Introduction To The Philosophy of Youthing Youthing is a term that represents the progression of time in a positive way, when it comes to speaking of the years that our body has lived on Mother Earth. »

Introduction To The Philosophy of Youthing Youthing is a term that represents the progression of time in a positive way, when it comes to speaking of the years that our body has lived on Mother Earth. Modern and archaic perspectives will have you think that you are 'Ageing' when in fact, with one simple conceptual mind engineering shift in perspective, you will learn that you are actually 'Youthing'!..

Ms. Jennifer Webb · June 5th, 2016

Ms. Jennifer Webb · June 5th, 2016