Mrs. Joanna Bristow-Watkins Bsc,PGCE,LCG,FITT,MIPTI, MBPsS

Joanna Bristow-Watkins

I spent over 15 years in senior management specialising in customer care and training, within the UK travel industry. Driven by a desire for greater inner peace, I overcame my initial scepticism of energy healing and ultimately became a practitioner and teacher of Egyptian Healing plus a leader of spiritual pilgrimages. This led to the development of Reyad Sekh Em® a form of healing which is endorsed in the UK by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours. Reyad Sekh Em® is an ultra-high vibrational Egyptian alchemical healing system which harnesses the elemental healing rays of earth, air, fire, water and spirit with etheric crystalline and angelic energies plus sound vibration and sacred breathing. With daily use of this healing art plus frequent visits to sacred sites, I'm considered a leading authority on constructive energy body re-alignment. I've acquired unique strategies for detecting and transmuting energetic blocks which are restricting my clients' spiritual and/or emotional progress.

Since 1999, have offered life-changing Past Life Readings and 1-2-1 healing sessions through Harmony Healing. These can be conducted in person or at a distance (over fifty percent of my clients are international, receiving distant heraling sessions) and are ideal for those who are experiencing a block/slowing down to their spiritual development or anyone wanting to move forward on their spiritual pathway. A running commentary of the entire session is recorded onto MP3 or a tape cassette for future reference. I am working at a level beyond the physical. For those attending my healing centre, there is no manipulation involved and you remain fully clothed.

The format of a 1-2-1 healing session unfolds through synchronicity; working along the body from head to feet, scanning and adjusting energies, which may feel similar to a Reiki-type energy healing session. Angelic energies, etheric crystal breathing, vocal tones and tuning forks are used intuitively. Part of this process may induce past life recall; anything that comes to mind will be detailed on the tape. The person being healed may experience the same and/or different past lives or have no recollection of this process.

I also offer occasional tours through Harmony Journeys. Leading Harmony Journey Tours involves connecting people to places and energies to enhance their spritual growth. Harmony Journeys are designed to re-connect lightworkers by opening portals of information within them, through exchanging keys and codes with energetic nodes of sacred site landscapes. I create an Angelic Lightbody (Merkaba field) every day and will create and maintain a group Merkaba field throughout the trips. Synchronicities are commonplace on our trips; numerous unexpected treasures have been presented throughout every journey we arrange.

My unique background of commercial skills training and senior management application to recruitment, quality control and team motivation - especially during recession and adverse conditions for the travel industry in the 1990s - gives me a broad and versatile understanding of company politics and personal staffing issues, both from the employer and employee perspective. Having spent the last ten years honing the ability to tune-in to people and situations using intuition, I've extended my perceptive skills beyond the five senses generally acknowledged in western society, to identify patterns and metaphors in a diverse range of circumstances. As well as helping individuals find new life purpose, via the Business Alchemists, I'm an ideal consultant to any corporate management team looking for an 'outside-the-box' SWOT analysis across their decision making processes.

I hold a BSc Honours degree in Psychology and a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), a Licentiateship of the City & Guilds (LCG), I'm a Fellow of the Institute of Travel and Tourism (FITT), a Member of the Independent Professional Therapists International (MIPTI) and a Graduate Member of the British Psychology Society (MBPsS). Having spent over 10 years in the health and wellbeing industry, I'm additionally a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine (Member Number 00708751).

I'm an accomplished and engaging speaker and presenter on a number of esoteric topics including Reyad Sekh Em (Egyptian Alchemy Healing); Khemitology (Ancient Egyptian philosophies according to the indigenous wisdom keepers); the Violet Flame of Amenti, symbology and multi-dimensional realities; sacred journeys; stress management; past lives; meditation & relaxation; etheric devices; sound healing with voice; connecting with nature, merkabas; photographic orbs, invoking angels (my sister is Angela McGerr; a UK best-selling Angelology Author), heuristics and applying alchemy to business.