Ms. Joanna Poppink MA, MFT

Marriage & Family Therapist
Joanna Poppink

Credentials: License

Institution: State of California

Certification: Sustainability from UCLA

Certification Year: 2015

Institution: Antioch Univierstiy

Graduated: 1979

In practice since: 1981

Health in body, mind, spirit and environment and how they are interrelated is the underlying theme of my work and my life. My main approach is through eating disorder recovery work with adult women. Yet the healing only begins there. Building a sturdy base of health, stamina, self respect and capacity to love, laugh and enjoy life is critical for to prosper and thrive in this world. It's also critical for us to be able to face and surmount the challenges we face now and will in the future.

These issues are fundamental to my life in all ways. I exercise, read, write, enjoy laughter and games with my family, play and walk with my dogs, relax or work in my garden, travel, explore the arts in Los Angeles, am a sustainability activist and dabble in painting and sketching when I can. My work with patients is a satisfying and fulfilling joy. I can't imagine anything more fulfilling than being a positive influence on a person as they wade through pain and limitations to reach recovery and discover their capacity to bloom into a life better than they ever imagined.

Areas of Specialty




Coping Skills

Eating Disorders

Peer Relationships

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem



Treatment Methods

Career Counseling


Divorce Counseling


Life Coaching

Meditation and Guided Visualization


Separation Counseling

Spiritual Healing

Time Management

Books Joanna has Published

Healing Your Hungry Heart:

Recovering From Your Eating Disorder

Psychotherapist Joanna Poppink offers a comprehensive and effective recovery program for women with eating disorders, based on her thirty-year professional practice treating adults with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. She shares her personal struggles with bulimia, along with stories from a wide-range of clients she has counseled. Poppink primarily addresses women who have been suffering with eating disorders for years while they manage their careers, marriages, and families. Healing Your Hungry