Mr. Joseph Pata MBA, NASM YE

Joseph Pata

Im the program director for a gym focused on family health and wellness, with a concentration on kids - 6 to 18 for Nutrition, Group Support and Fitness out of Charlotte North Carolina. Next Gen Fitness - home of the Lean Teen Program is a year round program which Focused on Nutrition Education, Group Peer Discussions and Fitness.
Nutrition Education – BMI measurements, Seminars and group nutrition discussions – led by our coaches & Registered Dietitian.
Peer Discussions – 200+ lesson plans discussing social skills, including: School & Home life, Self Esteem & Confidence, leadership, social issues & many more discussions.
Over 50 discussions on health, nutrition and fitness activities.
Fitness – Circuit training 31 programmed workouts with 160+ varied exercises, including fun activities and games. FREE WORKOUT – Sign up


Next Gen Fitness Corp - home of the Lean Teen Program
3220 Prosperity Church rd
suite 102
Charlotte, North Carolina