Mrs. Julie Anne Christoph CPC, ELI-MP

Life Coach
Julie Anne Christoph

Credentials: Certification

Institution: iPEC coaching

Certification: Certified Professional Coach

Certification Year: 2010

In practice since: 2010

Julie Anne Christoph has the kind of rare magic that makes you feel instantly at ease by the way her energy and presence acknowledge the incredible potential in every human being. She carries an inner knowing that has guided her carefully throughout each step of her life, that allows her to create a space of non-judgment no matter how uncomfortable the circumstances and always restores hope and trust that the Universe is weighted in our favour after all.

Her deep love and commitment to consciousness means Julie Anne genuinely believes that absolutely everyone has the capacity to move beyond barriers and achieve their highest ideals if they truly want to. This belief, combined with her practical wisdom and a highly energetic approach to whatever she does, leaves people wanting to be a part of whatever Julie Anne is involved in.

Her first big entrepreneurial success putting her love of consciousness into action was in supporting people to become more conscious about their health and fitness as a Franchisee for Curves International in 2004. After experiencing burn out from her previous sales job and using exercise as way to stimulate positive energy and release destructive energy, Julie Anne felt compelled to share the benefits that she’d experienced from exercise with other women.

In this role, her ability to naturally inspire her members to see the best in themselves and drive towards the full achievement of their potential ensured her member participation soared to 880+ people and catapulted her through the ranks to first become a mentor and then Area Director for the Region of Quebec, in less than two years.

After hiring a coach to develop her own skills and determination even further, a practice and commitment to continued growth that remains very much alive today, Julie Anne immediately fell in love with a profession that was focused entirely on supporting people to consciously achieve their potential. She subsequently pioneered the development of consciousness coaching in Canada by purchasing the first international license for the world’s No.1 Accredited Coach Training Program.

Over her 5 years as the Canadian Country School Director, her natural passion and enthusiasm for raising consciousness attracted hundreds of individuals to join the path of self-discovery. She trained over 450 coaches, in a coaching program that is based on energy and consciousness. Her ability to also remain positive in the face of many challenges during this period and to reach deep into her and tap into reserves she hardly knew were there continually inspired those who witnessed her journey. This remarkable authenticity and ability to make everyone she connects with feel seen and important, created strong bonds and lasting connections between her and many of her students that continue even to this day.

Julie Anne is a true change catalyst in every sense of the word. She loves nothing more than sharing her message of conscious living as a spiritual coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, and bestselling author. Throughout her journey, it became obvious to Julie Anne that humanity is evolving into new ways of Being and she wanted to be part of the change.

She contributes to Humanities’ evolution by helping individuals step into the truth and power of who they truly are at their core by align their Humanness with their Being-ness (soul) so they can live the life they are destined to live. Julie Anne founded Change Revolution™, as a bridge to new ways of being.

Areas of Specialty

Behavioral Issues


Emotional Disturbance


Life Coaching

Self Esteem


Treatment Methods


Intuition Development

Life Coaching

Meditation and Guided Visualization


Spiritual Healing

Articles Julie Anne has Published
The 3 Qualities to Start Your Self-Evolution Journey
The 3 Qualities to Start Your Self-Evolution Journey

We are finally seeing it! More and more people are waking up to the fact that living life the way they are only brings more unhappiness, emptiness and feeling unfulfilled. Maybe it's you... Do you want »

We are finally seeing it! More and more people are waking up to the fact that living life the way they are only brings more unhappiness, emptiness and feeling unfulfilled. Maybe it's you... Do you want out of the stressful lifestyle you got yourself into? On a certain level, you "have it all", the big car, the big house, 2-3 vacations per year but yet, you're realizing that you're always chasing something..

Mrs. Julie Anne Christoph · July 11th, 2017

Mrs. Julie Anne Christoph · July 11th, 2017