Karyn Klaire Koski

Karyn Klaire  Koski

Presently I'm a content producer for a local community magazine. I report on whats happening locally, write historical articles and touch on issues like mental health and goodwill. I am a board member for George Herman House in Toronto, we are dedicated to a providing holistic lifestyle for our female residents who are recovering from mental health diagnoses.

I'm a WWF Canada recognized environmental steward that leads & excels at community engagement.

I believe in not only healing the planet but also ourselves. I promote energy philosophy. Oh yes, I have been a television producer and former tv host.

As a writer/researcher, I enjoy subjects that folks are fascinated about, but don't really understand; feng shui, reiki, acupuncture, QiGong.
I believe spiritual energy has the power to heal, guide and yes.... even haunt. I like to research all things metaphysical.
I had been the editor of a now defunct magazine app called EnergyWorks.

I'm a writer. I research, find content and engage in social media.