Kate Hamm

Kate Hamm

Kate loves to be a catalyst for others by inspiring and teaching them to find their path to wellness. Over the years, she has assisted thousands of celebrities, executives, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts lose weight and adopt healthier habits.

She has been described as a seeker and quirky professor. The former is due to her constant reading, listening to podcasts and taking continuing education courses. The latter is because of how she shares her knowledge with her sense of humor.

Her path has taken her all over the United States and the world. From growing up in the heart of Massachusetts, to upstate New York for her BS in Exercise Science, to New York City where she was a sought out swim instructor and personal trainer, to London for training, to Hawaii where she taught yoga and fitness classes on a cruise ship, to Patagonian Chile for a year long course with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and to a van leading tours around the Southwest hiking and camping.

Years of living out of a suitcase led Kate to moving to Los Angeles to settle down for a while. She was able to combine many of her skills as one of the first employees for The Ranch Malibu, an award winning luxury fitness retreat. Three years later, she launched and ran their second program, The Ranch 4.0, to huge success.

In 2016, Kate started AnamBliss to continue helping others find their destination of wellness.

Areas of Specialty

Weight Loss