Ms. Kathleen Ogar C.Hom., ABT, INHC

Health Coach
Kathleen Ogar

Credentials: Certification

Institution: Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certification: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Certification Year: 2008

Institution: Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Graduated: 2008

In practice since: 2008

My name is Kat Ogar, and like you I’m on a journey to self-discovery. When I was in my twenties (over 30 years ago), I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. I was unable to take the medication prescribed for me – and that's where my journey began. I’ve been learning, exploring and trying to figure out this thing called “life” ever since. I’ve learned that to help others, the most important thing I can do is be a good listener. Everyone has a story to tell, and equally important, everyone deserves to be heard. It’s in the telling that the magic happens. It gives me a better understanding of what direction we need to take to help you on your own road of self-discovery. I’ve been training for this role for more than half my life. I went the usual route and earned my undergraduate degree in English from Northeastern University. My love for reading has served me well, because I continued to immerse myself in books containing wisdom from such ancient practices as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Homeopathy. I trained for my homeopathic certification at The Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy and Teleosis School of Homeopathy, my Asian Bodywork Therapist certification at the Acupressure Therapy Institute and my Nutrition and Health Coaching Certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My goal is to help you reach your goals. Nothing would make me happier than guiding you on your own journey to wellness. My favorite quote by Maya Angelou, “when I know better, I do better,” is more than just a saying to me. It’s a way of life.

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